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OnePlus Game Space Now available on Play store

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OnePlus Game Space is now on Google Play

In a bid to supply faster updates for its suite of stock OxygenOS apps, OnePlus has previously published several of its apps on the Google Play Store. These include the favored OnePlus Gallery app, OnePlus Launcher, its Weather app, and more. Adding on to the list, the corporate has now published the OnePlus Game Space app on the Play Store and has added a couple of new features within the latest release.

For the unaware, OnePlus Game Space is that the company’s combat a game center for OxygenOS that lets users access all their installed games in one spot and provides a few of gaming optimization features. The app comes preinstalled with OnePlus devices and offers features like notification controls, auto-brightness controls, a Fnatic mode for eSports, display enhancements, and more. With the newest update, OnePlus has added two new features to the app — Instant Games and Game Statistics.


The Instant Games feature allows users to access Google Play Games’ library of Instant Games within OnePlus Game Space, including titles like Microtrip, Mazes & More, and Sea Battle. These games are often played by simply tapping on the sports icon within the app and don’t require users to put in the games on their device. just in case you don’t wish to ascertain Instant Games within the app, you furthermore may get the choice to disable the feature from within the app settings.

The new Game Statistics feature, as its name suggests, provides users with useful data about their gaming habits. This includes information like Gaming time, Most played game, and Battery usage for the present day and therefore the past week. As you’ll see within the attached screenshots, the sports Statistics feature is often accessed by tapping on the new graph icon on the app.

source: XDA Developer

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