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Google Pixel 5 Upcoming Flagship Phone

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Pixel 5

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Google Pixel 5: Google’s move to keeping the smartphone pace

Google’s next flagship, presumably Google Pixel 5, is entering a harsh environment. Regarding the newest Samsung S20 devices, the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 20, and iPhone 12 devices, to travel upmarket, Google must pack their next flagship with high-end features. to stay up with the pace from the leaks and predictions we are seeing for the iPhone 12 and Note 20, and what Samsung has recently given us – Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 Plus, and Galaxy S20 Ultra, Google must go toe-to-toe with both Apple and Samsung.

Google’s latest smartphone devices – Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL – have earned the reputation for his or her outstanding camera features, battery life, dim display, and great Software. But they are doing not match with the newest Apple and Samsung flagships. So to stay pace, what can Google do?


We saw a intensify when Google Pixel 4 had its display upgraded to an OLED with Full-HD resolution with a refresh rate of 90Hz. We’ve noticed that Samsung, through their S20s line flagships, jumped to 120Hz refresh rate. We further expect iPhone 12 to possess an improved refresh rate. So to stay competitive, Google must improve its Google Pixel 5’s – 90Hz – refresh rate to a worth above 100Hz. The shortcoming with a high refresh rate is that the battery takes a toll.

System on chip and Software

The current generation of smartphones is adopting Qualcomm’s latest system-on-chip – Snapdragon 865. Different smartphones, including Samsung Galaxy S20, S20 Plus, and S20 Ultra, are running on the newest Qualcomm installment. Google Pixel 5 should incorporate a high-end processor with an integrated 5G modem. Some predictions point that Pixel 5 will have the Snapdragon 765 midrange processor whose G variant has been optimized with faster gaming graphics, and it’s also been integrated with the 5G modem.

With Pixel 4 breaking the sooner record of its three predecessors RAM of 4GB to 6GB, we expect that Pixel 5 will accompany a RAM of a minimum of 8GB now that Samsung has moved to 12GB RAM for its high-end flagships. Since Pixel 4 offered a 64GB ROM, to stay up with the pace, Pixel 5 should ship with a 128GB ROM.


Google camera is usually excellent but lacks some features like the fisheye lens . Pixel 4 thrilled us with two rear cameras whose photos are very exceptional. Nevertheless, it didn’t compare to other top smartphones, like iPhone 11, which came with a fisheye lens . Now that we speculate that the upcoming Google’s phone shows three lenses, we presume that a wide-angle camera is joining the telephoto and standard lens.


5G connectivity is an inevitable expectation altogether 2020 top-flagships. Most processors, no matter which, will integrate the 5G modem. we’ve seen the Galaxy S20 lineup were powered by Snapdragon 865, and that they feature the 5G connectivity. to stay up with the pace, Pixel 5 must, therefore, feature the 5G network connectivity. This also means the device must be equipped with a more powerful battery, and therefore the phone should also handle reverse wireless charging.


Keeping pace with the enormous smartphone companies means innovation and upgrading now then . Google Pixel 5 should include more top-end features and upgrades at a reasonable cost.

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