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Samsung First pop-up Front camera

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image by XDAdeveloper


Samsung’s first smartphone with pop-up front camera shown off in leaked renders

Notchless displays were the predominant theme of 2019, giving us our most immersive smartphone experience yet. because of pop-up cameras, notch-less phones got obviate ugly punch holes also as top bezels, and corporations did hype these pieces of innovation up for a short time . In 2020, we seem to possess moved past popup cameras in favor of punch holes, but Samsung is seemingly planning a return to the present hardware design as we now have leaked renders that boast an upcoming Samsung Galaxy smartphone with a pop-up selfie camera.
Notable leaker @OnLeaks has shared renders of this Samsung device with Pictou. within the renders, we see a design approach that Samsung had only adopted on the Samsung Galaxy A80 but executed differently. The front of the device is clean, with no notches or punch holes to seem at. The bezels on the device also are mostly thin, as only rock bottom bezel has some length thereto.

image by XDAdeveloper


The highlight of the device is that the pop-up camera. The Samsung Galaxy A80 also had a pop-up camera, but it used a wildly different rotating pop-up camera mechanism to use an equivalent camera setup for both, the front and back. Au contraire, this unnamed Galaxy device takes a more conventional approach to the pop-up camera, giving it a glance that’s shared across devices like the OnePlus 7 Pro, Redmi K20 Pro, Realme X, Honor 9X, OPPO Reno 2Z, and lots of more.

image by XDAdeveloper

What also sets this device apart in 2020 is that it’ll reportedly accompany a rear fingerprint scanner. In 2020, we’ve become familiar with seeing an in-display fingerprint scanner on AMOLED devices and a side-fingerprint scanner on LCD devices. We don’t know what display technology is employed on this phone, but there’s nothing inherently flawed with a standard rear fingerprint scanner either.

Apart from the fingerprint scanner, we also see a triple rear camera setup. The phone also has curved side edges on the rear. @OnLeaks mentions that the phone features a USB Type-C port and an IR Blaster, but it apparently misses out on the three .5mm headphone jack. The display diagonal is claimed to six .5″, while the remainder of the device dimensions is said to be 183.5 x 77 x 9.2 mm. Everything else about the phone is unknown, including its name.

We’ll hopefully learn more about this device because it comes closer to launch.

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