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Call of Duty 4: Present-day Fighting is a first-individual shooter computer game and the main Call of Duty portion to split away from its Reality War II setting, and set in the advanced world. It was declared on April 12, 2007, and was discharged on November 5, 2007. Call of Duty 4 was distributed by Activision and created by Unendingness Ward and is accessible on Windows, operating system X, Xbox 360, and the PlayStation 3. A Wii adaptation of the game, called Call of Duty: Current Fighting: Reflex Version, was ported by Treyarch, and was discharged on November 10, 2009 alongside Call of Duty: Present-day Fighting 2 for Xbox 360/PS3/PC and Current Fighting: Assembled for Nintendo DS. The game is trailed by two direct continuations, Call of Duty: Present-day Fighting 2 and Call of Duty: Current Fighting 3.

On May 2, 2016, Unendingness Ward discharged the Call of Duty: Limitless Fighting trailer which incorporated a mystery of a remastered rendition of Call of Duty 4: Current Fighting, including the battle and ten multiplayer maps, if the Inheritance release of Call of Duty: Unbounded Fighting is pre-requested. This was discharged first on PlayStation 4 on October 5, 2016.


On Walk 29, 2018, it was made accessible for the Xbox One using in reverse similarity.

Ongoing interaction

Call of Duty 4: Present-day Fighting varies from past portions of the Call of Duty arrangement. Past Call of Duty games have a particular three-nation explicit crusade style, while Call of Duty 4 has a more film-like plot with joined storylines from the points of view of Sgt. Paul Jackson of the Marines first Power Recon and Sgt. “Cleanser” MacTavish of the English 22nd SAS Regiment. There is likewise an assortment of missions where players control different characters, for example, an unidentified air conditioning 130 gunship administrator and Lieutenant John Cost in a flashback death strategic in Pripyat, Ukraine. The transition to present-day fighting has presented an assortment of regular weapons and advances to the Call of Duty arrangement, for example, attack rifles, night vision, .50 gauge expert sharpshooter rifles, and C4 plastic explosives.


For data on the game motor, see Boundlessness Ward Game Motor Mechanics.

In 2011, Khaled Al-Asad starts an upset in the Center East, and Russia is amidst a common war between the legislature and Ultranationalists. Then Gaz illuminates Chief John Value, pioneer of Bravo Group, that a newcomer to the SAS, Sergeant John “Cleanser” MacTavish, is joining their crew.

Cleanser shows up at the S.A.S. preparing office in Credenhill, the UK, where he has a snappy weapons instructional course with Gaz, meets Commander Cost and the unit and takes the CQB test to finish his introduction.

Bravo Group at that point continues to the Bering Waterway, to search for a presumed atomic bundle on an Estonian tanker. After taking out the security detail the group discovers the bundle, yet fire from foe quick movers implies they scarcely escape with the transportation show, which focuses on Al-Asad as the proprietor of the bundle.

To finish his insurgency, Al-Asad executes the Leader of an anonymous Center Eastern nation, Yasir Al-Fulani.

Not long after this, Cleanser, Gaz, and Value salvage the Russian source who provided the intel on the cargo ship activity codenamed Nikolai, with the assistance of one of Cost and Gaz’s old companions, Sergeant Kamarov, and his Russian Followers.

In the interim, Al-Fulani’s passing has provoked the first Power Recon to attack the Center East to look for Al-Asad. A group comprising of Lieutenant Vasquez, Staff Sergeant Griggs, Sergeant Paul Jackson, and others penetrate a humble community and clear the objective structure and later a Television slot where they think Al-Asad is communicating publicity, just to find that there’s no indication of him and the communication is on a circle.

In the meantime the SAS is on out however the group’s helicopter, Mallet 2-6, is killed and they need to advance over the fields, attempting to dodge adversaries, looking for survivors yet in the end straightforwardly captivating them. In the wake of arriving at a horse shelter, Cleanser takes an FIM-92 Stinger and destroys the chopper pursuing them. An Air conditioner 130H Apparition at that point shows up to help the SAS to the extraction point, first while they’re walking and later in regular citizen vehicles. After they arrive at the junkyard, cordial flying creatures come in to get them.

The Marines head to save a brought down M1A2 Abrams, callsign War Pig, from a marsh, yet substantial foe fire prompts Jackson to devastate a ZPU-4 so air backing can come in to wipe up. The unit at that point structure up protective situations on the tank as designers come in to fix it, and later escort it back to the parkway. They clear the forward region, permitting War Pig to go up, and let the tank take a portion of the enormous targets. During this, Vasquez advises Griggs and his group to hold a zone while he and Jackson complete the mission. Toward the end, they rendezvous with a CH-46 Ocean Knight for evac.

At the peak of the attack, the crew head to the capital city where they think Al-Asad has pulled back to. In the wake of safeguarding a nailed down cutting edge recon group, Vasquez is educated that Al-Asad has an atomic warhead in the zone. They rush to clear yet the group’s escort is killed and they return to spare her. Having invested their energy doing this, they don’t escape in time and the atomic bomb goes off, killing regular citizens, OpFor troops, and 30,000 U.S. servicemen, including Vasquez and Jackson and may have included individuals from SEAL Group Six, who had quite recently handed-off information on the warhead. Griggs figures out how to get away, as he was not with the group during this.

Now, Nikolai reveals to Value that Al-Asad might be at his safehouse in Azerbaijan. The S.A.S. at that point head there, clearing a few structures in the town before discovering Al-Asad. Value at that point grills Al-Asad and finds the atomic bundle didn’t have a place with him when Al-Asad gets a call from the Russian Ultranationalist pioneer, Imran Zakhaev. Value at that point executes Al-Asad.

Value at that point tells the group of when, in 1996, he was a Lieutenant appointed under the order of Chief MacMillan, determined to kill Zakhaev, an Ultranationalist who was exchanging atomic fuel bars for weapons. The team clear their path through the apparition town of Pripyat, Ukraine, in ghillie suits and utilizing negligible commitment to remain undetected. In the long run they arrive at a lodging where they remain on the highest floor for three days, until Zakhaev shows up.

At the point when the gathering is in progress, Value endeavors to kill Zakhaev utilizing a Barrett .50cal expert rifleman rifle, anyway, the shot just cuts off his arm. The two at that point make their getaway under interest from foe helicopters, trusting Zakhaev will kick the bucket from stun and blood misfortune. While on their way to the extraction point, they bring down a helicopter however it comes smashing towards them and harms MacMillan’s leg. Value at that point conveys him the remainder of the way and they hold their ground, sitting tight for exfil.

Back in the current day, eight hours after the passing of Al-Asad, the S.A.S. use charges, a slammed Blackhawk’s minigun, and later an FGM-148 Spear, to push back foe powers until Griggs and the American Marines show up in the Ocean Knight “Griffin Two-Seven.”

With their objective currently moved to Zakhaev, the real proprietor of the WMD that executed the Marines in the Center East, the S.A.S., U.S.M.C. furthermore, Russian Supporters play out a joint activity to attempt to catch his child, Victor Zakhaev, for data on his dad’s whereabouts. After an extensive pursue, the group corners him on the roof of a five-story building, and Cleanser moves in to control him, anyway he shoots himself to sidestep catch.

Irritated by his child’s passing, Zakhaev assumes responsibility for an ICBM dispatch office in the Atlay Mountains and takes steps to dispatch nukes at the U.S. in reprisal. Value at that point drives a joint English American activity to stop this, yet Griggs goes off course during the Radiance and is caught. Cleanser, Gaz, and Value at that point occupy their course to safeguard him before slaughtering the ability to the dispatch office to permit Power Recon to penetrate the edge. Soon after getting inside and connecting up with Expert sharpshooter Group Two, they witness two atomic rockets being propelled towards the U.S., with an expected 41,096,749 losses. The group accordingly rushes inside and in the wake of taking out adversary reinforcement with C4, slice the wire to the vents and gets inside. After arriving at the control room, Cleanser utilizes the premature end codes sent by Baseplate, the group’s order, to crush the rockets on a trip before they arrive at the Eastern Seaboard. Cleanser, Griggs, and Value at that point rendezvous with Gaz at the vehicle warehouse, where they make their getaway utilizing Russian trucks.

With adversary vehicles and a Mi-24 Rear behind them, Cleanser, Gaz, Value, Griggs and the survivors head down the Russian motorway, yet a scaffold basic to their getaway is annihilated and they scramble to make a frantic last remain against the Ultranationalists. In any case, an oil big hauler before long detonates, weakening everybody except Griggs, who attempts to drag Cleanser to security yet is executed in the process by Zakhaev’s watchmen. Zakhaev himself in the end executes Gaz. An injured Value slides Cleanser his M1911, with which the last dramatically slaughters Zakhaev and his watch. Kamarov and the supporters before long show up, where Cleanser is diverted on a cot and a doctor starts to revive Cost, yet the destiny of the two is obscure. In the interim, a correspondent reports a progression of atomic rocket tests in Russia, and that the quest for a boat in the Bering Waterway has been called off, indicating the general population doesn’t have a clue what has really occurred in the six-day emergency.


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