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11 best programming languages for web development

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Top 11 Programming Languages for Web Development

A career in web development is lucrative, exciting, and ever-changing. It requires a specific set of well-honed skills and a knowledge of languages that you’ll get to keep updating, year after year. In return, you’ll get to create really cool web stuff a day and you’ll get a hefty paycheque at the top of each month. Not bad, right?
In recent years because the web has continued to evolve, a couple of different streams of web development have emerged. front web development (also referred to as client-side web development) deals with the part of the online that the user interacts with – the part that just about everyone who uses the web is conversant in. rear web development (or server-side web development) deals with all those things that run within the background to form websites or web apps work, like databases and scripts. Then there are full stack web developers, who can do all of the above.
Regardless of which path you select to travel down, you’ll still get to understand all sides to try to your job properly. So here are the ten best programming languages for web development, both client and server-side.


java programming language for web development
java programming languages for web development

Developed within the 1990s and still the foremost in-demand language, Java is that the gold standard in web development everywhere the planet, in every area. It’s object-oriented, class-based, and works on any platform, making it extremely versatile. If you would like to form your safe employable to just about every tech company within the world, this is often the thanks to going. Fun fact: Java was originally intended for interactive television, but its creators soon realized it had been too far before its time for that specific industry. the remainder is history.


programming languages for web development

A new kid on the block compared to other languages during this list, Python is extremely easy to find out and maybe a dynamic, all-purpose language. Although more popular as a rear language, it can do just about anything you would like it to. Designed to be readable, simple, and most of all fun, this is often a replacement favorite of developers altogether areas of the industry and is that the favorite ‘beginner’ language to find out. It’s flexible and very powerful and features a very bright future.



programming languages for web development

A front language used for creating and developing websites, desktop apps, and games. JavaScript runs on all browsers and maybe worked with on programs that aren’t web-based. It supports both functional and object-oriented programming styles and is essentially your go-to for creating stellar user interfaces and websites/apps/games that look super cool. Understanding JavaScript is vital albeit your heart is about on server-side development; the components, data structures, and algorithms apply to almost every other language.


css logo
programming languages for web development

Hand in hand with JavaScript is CSS and HTML – together they create up the Trinity of front web development. HTML (HyperText price Language) is that the language of web browsers – what websites are made with. CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) makes them look cool and better than those awful sites from the first days of the online. Front web developers need to understand these guys inside out, and pretty helpful for rear developers, so you’ll understand how your server-side changes affect the top user.


c logo
programming languages for web development

General purpose, well compiled, and around since 1979, C++ is an object-oriented, very technical language. Extremely powerful and with extensive libraries, this is often one among the cornerstone languages of rear development. Especially useful for top performance programs and template-heavy programs, this stalwart isn’t going anywhere just yet. If you already know C (or if you’ve learned C++ and need to show your hand to C), you’re already a part of the way there.


php logo
programming languages for web development

PHP is an HTML-embedded scripting language wont to form dynamic sites, fast. an excellent choice for both front and rear developers to feature to their arsenal (but especially the latter), it’s behind such web giants as WordPress and Facebook. PHP makes it quick and straightforward to expand web apps and run websites that have repeated server tasks (like refreshing news feeds). It’s open-source and is extremely popular among startup businesses, media agencies, and e-commerce – the type of individuals who often hire new-ish web developers.

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Like C++, C is an old fashioned language, easily compiled, and general-purpose. It’s the foremost widely-used programming platform that gives building elements for other languages like C++, Python, and Java. In fact, many of those languages are supported C. an excellent option for full-stack developers and people who want to feature a replacement dimension to their skillset (or a metaphorical power tool to their programming toolbox). It’s best used for orthography software and applications, so it is additionally a handy language for rear developers to urge won’t to.


sql logo
programming language for web development

For full-stack and server-side developers, SQL (Structured Query Language) is that the cherry on the cake of your developing toolkit. an important part of web development, SQL makes obtaining specific data from large, complex databases a breeze. SQL is in high demand among big companies like Microsoft, so this is often an ingenious choice for any developer with high ambitions and a requirement if you’re employed with databases on the regular.


Scalable, simple, and super-fast, Ruby and Ruby on Rails may be a dream team duo that gives a full-stack language and framework to create full programs and web apps, fast. It’s a favorite among entrepreneurs and begin-ups and features a big choice of third-party ‘gems’ (add-ons) which will make it do just about whatever you would like it to. Twitter and Basecamp use Ruby, so it’s to be good, right? together of the foremost valued and desirable skills out there, there’s no harm in learning this one.


go logo
programming languages for web development

Go is Google’s dedicated programing language. A newcomer to the scene, it boasts excellent integration, good readability, and simple use, and solves tons of problems that other languages can’t. As new languages go, this one is extremely promising. Plus, we all know Google is King of the online immediately, so it pays to possess a Google-specific language under your belt for creating web apps.


Going to write an app for iOS? Then you only need to know Objective-C. Despite last year’s hoopla around the new language Apple Swift, Objective-C remains the language of the essential app for the Apple ecosystem. With Objective-C and therefore the official development tool Apple’s XCode the event becomes very easy.
Is it possible to call Perl an esoteric language? Yes. Does it knock off? Yes. Is it a strong language and a key component within the arsenal of cybersecurity? Again, yes. Developers use Perl since the very beginning of the web, and it’s still considered a key tool for any IT-professional.

What to use for web development?

As you’ll see, the online developer languages list is extremely wide, and that we have named only 20 the foremost popular languages for web development. once you choose a language for website development, you ought to understand, that every language is employed to unravel some concrete tasks. for instance, F# is typically used for machine learning, and this task can’t be performed by PHP, for instance. Also, a couple of words should be said about Swift – a replacement programing language for iOS and macOS program development. Though this language is new, it shows excellent growth during 2015 and becomes more and more popular among the list of web development languages.
So, when asking which programming languages for the online to settle on, you ought to first determine your goals. What does one want to develop? What quite a program or app will it be? Which functions should be performed within the project? in fact, one programmer can’t know all the languages directly. Usually, a talented professional knows well only 2-3 programming languages on the high level, and 1-2 languages on the junior level. That’s why usually when it involves developing a replacement project, third party consultants are involved, supported what are the objectives of the project, and what programing language is required.
Thus, whenever you would like to start out a replacement project, to make a site or an application, you shouldn’t study a replacement language. It’s much easier and easier to recruit a team of programmers that can use in web development coding languages that are needed for the concrete purpose. We propose you to contact company Letzgro. Our experienced programmers use the foremost popular programming languages for website development.

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