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Qualcomm Fighting for wireless patents

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qualcomm wireless

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There is a battle being fought within the wireless industry between patent quality and quantity. The confusion lies within the incontrovertible fact that the 2 leaders, Qualcomm and Huawei are presenting their side during a way that creates each appears as if the leader. this is often important to know for investors, customers, and therefore the industry generally. So, let’s take a better check out this question and check out to clear it up.

After taking note of each side, reading reports and articles on the matter of patent quality vs. quantity, it’s like Huawei has the foremost patents, and Qualcomm has the foremost important or quality patents.

This should be simple to know. However, the matter in understanding comes when Huawei touts their patent position compared to Qualcomm, Intel, Ericsson, and other wireless and 5G players. they appear at quantity.

Qualcomm is the leader in patent quality; Huawei is the leader in patent quantity
I attended Huawei briefings and that they say directly they’re the worldwide leader within the number of wireless patents. And while that’s true, it’s smaller than whether or not they are a pacesetter in important or quality patents.

On that question, Qualcomm is that the leader.

So, this really boils right down to a PR battle that Huawei is waging. they’re trying to form it sound like they’re the worldwide leader in wireless patents.

However, quantity isn’t quality. there’s a difference. And quality is more important than quantity.

There is a difference between patent quality and patent quantity

I accept as true with Huawei that they’re a crucial wireless competitor in the worldwide marketplace. Companies like Huawei, Qualcomm, Intel, Ericsson, Nokia, et al. are all important players.

I also accept as true with Huawei that they need the foremost wireless patents.

Where it gets a touch fuzzy is once they claim they’re the leader wireless patents. they are doing not say whether or not they are talking quantity or quality which confuses everything.

I have also attended Qualcomm briefings, and that they are even as strong within the incontrovertible fact that they hold the foremost important or quality patents.

Why wireless patent quality is more important than quantity

To better understand, let’s believe this from another perspective. Consider your automobile. Which is more important, a patent for safety or reliability or performance, or one for the color or long-lasting quality of the paint? While both are important, if you were to believe it, there’s no contest.

Huawei has been on a tear in recent years filing as many patents as they might. Did they are doing this so that they could make the claim they hold the foremost wireless patents?

And while that’s true, many of those Huawei patents are just like the color of paint on a car compared to more important factors like safety, reliability, and performance.

If that’s the case, we’d like to stay our eyes on the foremost important facts. Wireless patent quantity sounds impressive, but actually, it’s patent quality that matters most.

When we check out this latest wireless industry patent battle, quality is more important than quantity. So, while Huawei surely deserves an area at the highest of the list of wireless companies, they’re not the leader in patent quality. That honor goes to Qualcomm.

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source: rcrwireless

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