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Google Read-Along app for Kids

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3 Google Read-Along app for Kids

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Google’s Read-Along Android app, which helps teach reading skills to grade school students, is now available in early access in 180 countries, the corporate announced today. Read-Along uses Google’s text-to-speech and speech recognition technology to supply feedback as kids run through the app’s reading prompts and games. The app supports nine languages, including English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Hindi. Read-Along first launched as an app called Bolo in India in March 2019.

Kids are guided through Reading alongside the assistance of an “in-app reading buddy” named Diya. “She gives [kids] positive and reinforcing feedback along the way, even as a parent or teacher would,” consistent with Google. “Children also can tap Diya at any time for help pronouncing a word or a sentence.”

Here are a couple of screenshots of Read-Along from the app’s Play Store page:

7 Google Read-Along app for Kids
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6 Google Read-Along app for Kids
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5 Google Read-Along app for Kids
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4 Google Read-Along app for Kids
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3 Google Read-Along app for Kids
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Google says voice data captured by Read-Along is analyzed on-device and isn’t sent to Google’s servers. The app also will work entirely offline, though you’ll get to hook up with Wi-Fi if you would like to download new stories for your kid to figure through. Read-Along also won’t require a sign-in and doesn’t have ads or in-app purchases, consistent with Google.


• Works Offline: Once downloaded, it works offline, so it doesn’t use any data.
• Safe: Since the app is formed for youngsters, there are not any ads, and every one sensitive information stays only on the device.
• Free: The app is completely liberal to use and features a vast library of books with different reading levels from Pratham Books, Katha Kids & Chhota Bheem, with new books, added regularly.
• Games: Educational games within the app, make the training experience fun.
• In-App Reading Assistant: Diya, the in-app reading assistant helps children read aloud and provides positive reinforcement once they read correctly, and help wherever they grind to a halt.
• Multi-Child Profile: Multiple children can use an equivalent app and make their individual profiles to trace their own progress.
• Personalised: The app recommends the proper level of difficulty books to every child counting on their reading level.

As the COVID-19 pandemic has forced students to remain home from school, Google has also extended free access to some advanced Google Meet features to G Suite and G Suite for Education customers until September 30th donated 4,000 Chromebooks to rural students in California, and launched resource pages to assist teachers and families educate students using Google products.

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