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how to Recover data for free

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recover data

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Do you want to understand the way to recover deleted data? Here you’ll find how How am i able to Recover Data For Free? So read this text for free of charge Data Recovery.

Case 1: I had deleted some files from my system to free-up some space. Later i noticed that I ended up in deleting a couple of important files on my system. am i able to recover the deleted data for free?

Case 2: i’m getting error while trying to open my external disk drive . The drive contains important documents, photo, video, and other files. How am i able to recover my data?

Case 3: I downloaded some free games on my laptop yesterday. once I turned ON my laptop today I observed that it’s gone sluggish and I’ve lost some files. Which is that the best free tool that I can use to recover the lost data?

Are you during a data loss situation as above and need to recover the lost data for free? If yes, this blog is worth reading.

Data loss is inevitable because it’s going to happen thanks to human errors or problems with the memory device . you’ll lose data thanks to deletion, formatting, viral infection , bad sectors, drive corruption, etc. to not mention that there’s a plethora of paid tools by using which you’ll
recover your data. But finding “true” free data recovery software which may successfully recover your data with security is difficult.

How to Recover Data for Free?

If you would like free recovery of your data like Outlook data files, documents, videos, photos, etc., it’s recommended to use trusted software like Stellar Windows Data Recovery.

This data recovery software is safe to put in and allows you to save lots of the recoverable data for free of charge of cost. It’s an efficient data recovery tool which recovers data in most data loss situations including severe corruption of drive, formatting, malware infection, and so on. It supports free recovery of a good range of file types regardless of their file extensions.

Here are the steps to download and install Stellar’s free data recovery software, and recover data without spending money:

Step 1: Download Free Data Recovery software.
Step 2: Install the software on your system, and launch it
Step 3: Select what sort of file you would like to recover
Step 4: Select the drive/volume from which you would like to recover data
Step 5: Scan the chosen drive/volume by clicking “Scan” button this may list all the files including those you’d lost.
Step 6: Select the files you would like to save lots of , and click on “Recover” You’ll be asked to pick a location where you’d want to save lots of the chosen data.
Step 7: Choose a location to save lots of the chosen files for free of charge

[NOTE]: If data loss had happened thanks to problems with drive/volume, it’s recommended to save lots of the files on another drive and to not store data on affected drive.

If you would like to settle on the other free data recovery software, consider the subsequent which can help in making a decision:
Key Considerations While Choosing Free Data Recovery Software

  • Choose a trusted one – Before downloading and installing free software you want to confirm that the source is authentic and trustworthy. Free downloads may contain malicious code which could infect your system.
  • Check the reviews – you’ll search the web for locating out the reviews about the free software before considering it. it might make the selection easier for you.
  • Check OS compatibility – The software that you simply may concede to choose must support the OS of the system on which you would like to put in it and recover data.
  • Check supported file types – Refer the manual of the software and see if that free software is capable of recovering the sort of file that you simply may have lost.
  • Check support for your drive/device – As storage devices are formatted with different file systems, determine if the software supports your laptop/desktop or drive .

If you don’t want to take a position some time in trying to find trustworthy free data recovery software, and don’t want to require any risk, you’ll choose Remote data recovery service. It’s an alternate to data recovery software. By availing this service, you would like not install and recover data on your own. Data recovery experts access your system remotely, and recover data by using propriety tools and techniques.
[BONUS]: Tips to stop Data Loss

  • Download free software only from trusted sources
  • Keep the storage chase away from dust, heat, and moisture
  • Click the links sent via emails only you trust the sender of the e-mail
  • Don’t open the e-mail attachments unless you trust the sender of the e-mail
  • Always Eject the removable drives “safely”
  • Always use UPS if using desktop
  • Shutdown the laptop/desktop rather than directly powering it OFF


This blog recommends free data recovery software because it’s trusted and effective. Installing free data recovery software without considering the security and capabilities might damage your computer and not serve the aim .
This blog also outlined the key considerations while choosing free data recovery software, just in case you would like to settle on the other tool.

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