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How IoT is playing its role in water Monitoring System

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purified water system using iot

Today, IoT technology is quick rising because of the dominating force that governs the planet. it’s a step by step trickling into us every day lives within the color of connected TVs, sensible watches, observation systems, and even ultra-modern marvels like smartphone-controlled electrical switches. The technology has with success reworked standalone systems into AN ever-connected grid of digital devices which will be accessed and controlled remotely, thereby increasing potency and driving higher resource utilization. however when it plays AN more and more polar role in the process however we have a tendency to perform, there’s one space wherever the intervention of IoT technology has already become irreplaceable: that of water management, one in every of the foremost crucial human wants nowadays.

Unavailability of sanitary drink publicly places

Ready access to drink is that the foremost demand of all higher life-forms on the planet, however, the human species has been facing many challenges on its front. Urban cities, above all, are grappling with the matter of unsafe and H2O, departure the door open for many health and eudaemonia problems. Access to scrub and sanitary drink publicly areas, as such, should be provided for by public sector enterprises. Given the huge capital demand for such an oversized scale preparation, however, the govt. alone cannot make sure the same everyplace, departure several high-demand areas parched.

The problem isn’t restricted alone to disproportionate preparation. A larger challenge exists in terms of guaranteeing the graceful operation of those machines. A residential water setup informs its users if it needs maintenance. Business organizations, on the opposite hand, have dedicated technicians in situ to repair such instrumentality. For water purifying machines publicly places, however, there’s a transparent absence of a standardized network. Despite an in-depth demand for cold and – most significantly – sanitary water publicly areas, lower visibility and delayed repairs mean higher service period for these machines, creating clean water in these areas nearly inaccessible.

Faulty public water systems conjointly lead to important monetary damages. Water purifying machines in urban cities area unit principally deployed by individual house owners on a franchise-based model and therefore the water is usually sold on a liter-to-liter basis. A service period, even for several days or hours, leads to extensive losses to the owner, creating AN optimum come back on investment quite difficult.

This is the requirement gap that modern-day start-ups area unit operating towards addressing. By incorporating progressive technologies like IoT, these new-age ventures area unit guaranteeing higher accessibility of drink publicly areas.


How IoT technology is redefining efficiencies for budding entrepreneurs?

Swajal, the IoT-enabled water purification systems supplier, leverages the progressive technology to extend the visibility and practicality of its deployed machines. The IoT devices integrated with its water dispensers give period data to the company’s headquarters. this permits Swajal to trace and manage the upkeep schedules of many hundred machines at the same time.

Whenever a machine develops a snag, data is sent on to technicians, therefore guaranteeing timely repair of the device and limiting service disruption. The IoT system conjointly helps in pre-emptive machine service to confirm ‘zero downtime’. Such AN intuitive and prognostic model allows individual operators to supervise multiple machines and one service engineer to handle a complete cluster.

How Swajal uses disparate technologies:

Every bottle offered by Swajal features a distinctive QR code written on that. This distinctive code permits the corporate to watch each bottle and social unit water demand.
Customers will check the water quality, location, and even the time of once the water was packaged, at the side of their names. This way, the corporate ensures that solely authentic water bottles reach its customers.
Swajal’s customers will use the Swajal app on a mechanical man or on iOS. they will conjointly use any standardized scanning app accessible on any platform.
The whole conjointly uses IoT technology for straightforward invoicing and secured Mastercard payments. Its customers will check all their invoices and deliveries at the bit of a button with their personal dashboards. for every delivery, the client receives AN SMS moreover as AN email alert. the corporate has conjointly created it simple to trace and manage subscriptions.
Its delivery app flexibly adjusts the number of bottles its customers take as per their want and updates their invoices consequently. Swajal’s delivery team takes the customer’s digital signature on a proprietary delivery app to any augment transparency and credibleness.

IoT: Driving the longer term

The area unit as wherever IoT is applied are endless. Imagine your smartphone informing you of a few running faucets at your home or regarding the standard of water starting of the faucet. though they appear a lot of like phantasy, the likelihood of those propositions being completed area unit higher nowadays than ever before. Through IoT, sensible Water Management Solutions, solely an overseas aspiration until currently, will become AN implementable reality. Specifically-designed machines area unit presently being equipped with on-line observation systems that permit a billboard water purification whole to watch the standard of water and alternative parameters.

Known as the internet’s advanced version, IoT is just the long term of machine maintenance and automation. it’s become a veritable geographical point for analysis and development thanks to the pressing ought to establish a network of connected devices, sensors, and alternative sensible technologies. rather than reactive repair, IoT will predict potential system failures and change a consecutive generation of observation platforms. The technology conjointly helps scale back wastage by putting in sensors for leaks, increase safety by incorporating checks to point water quality, and change a proactive maintenance framework.

In a world that is facing close crises of ever-decreasing elementary resources, economical management frameworks area unit its sole hope of guaranteeing the continuing existence of humanity in its gift kind, and not as a grotesque post-apocalyptic version driven by an absence of important wants like water.

source: dqindia

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