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Samsung Internet 12 beta arrives

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samsung internet

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Samsung Internet is one of the foremost popular Chromium-based web browsers out there because it packs during a number of additional features that you simply don’t get on Google Chrome. These include things sort of a built-in autoplay video blocker, the power to dam links that open apps, and far more. What’s even better is that the browser keeps getting new features ever often. last, a beta update for the browser introduced a privacy feature that helps you prevent sites that stop you from going back. Now, with the newest beta update, the Samsung Internet browser is getting support for multiple password autofill apps.

Up so far, one of the few drawbacks of using the Samsung Internet browser was that it only allowed you to store your login credentials in Samsung’s own cloud storage. This proved to be a touch of a hassle for people that depend upon other password managers like LastPass. With the newest beta release, however, the browser is finally getting support for multiple password autofill apps.

As a recent report from Android Police points out, Samsung Internet beta brings partial support for the Autofill API that was introduced with Android 8.0 Oreo. For the unaware, the Autofill API is meant to figure equally well with any password manager you employ. But since Samsung Internet is enforcing a whitelist system, it currently only supports 1Password, LastPass, and Dashlane. Google’s own password manager and Firefox Lockwise still aren’t supported within the latest update.

Along with the third-party password autofill app support, the newest beta release updates the rending engine to Chromium 79. this is often a huge improvement over the Chromium 71 engine core that’s currently in use on the stable channel. Sadly though, the browser doesn’t seem to support the dark themes provided by websites; a feature that was introduced in Chrome 76 last year and later improved in Chrome 77. consistent with the changelog on APK Mirror, the update also brings an option which will allow users to open links secretly mode from the context menu.

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