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Features and shortcuts of CodeBlocks

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shortcuts of CodeBlocks

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  • Open Source! GPLv3, no hidden costs.
  • Cross-platform. Runs on Linux, Mac, Windows (uses wxWidgets).
  • Written in C++. No interpreted languages or proprietary libs needed.
  • Extensible through plugins


  • Multiple compiler support:
  • GCC (MingW / GNU GCC)
  • MSVC++
  • clang
  • Digital Mars
  • Borland C++ 5.5
  • Open Watcom
  • in no time custom build system (no makefiles needed)
  • Support for parallel builds (utilizing your CPU’s extra cores)
  • Multi-target projects
  • Workspaces to mix multiple projects
  • Inter-project dependencies inside a workspace
  • Imports MSVC projects and workspaces (NOTE: assembly code not supported yet)
  • Imports Dev-C++ projects


  • Interfaces GNU GDB
  • Also supports MS CDB (not fully featured)
  • Full breakpoints support:
  • Code breakpoints
  • Data breakpoints (read, write and read/write)
  • Breakpoint conditions (break only an expression is true)
  • Breakpoint ignore counts (break only after a certain number of hits)
  • Display local function symbols and arguments
  • User-defined watches (support for watching user-defined types through scripting)
  • Call stack
  • Disassembly
  • Custom memory dump
  • Switch between threads
  • View CPU registers


  • Syntax highlighting, customizable and extensible
  • Code folding for C, C++, Fortran, XML, and lots of more files.
  • Tabbed interface
  • Code completion
  • Class Browser
  • Smart indent
  • One-key swap between .h and .c/.cpp files
  • Open files list for quick switching between files (optional)
  • External customizable “Tools”
  • To-do list management with different users

shortcuts of CodeBlocks


FunctionShortcut Key
Undo last actionCtrl + Z
Redo last actionCtrl + Shift + Z
Cut selected textCtrl + X
Copy selected textCtrl + C
Paste text from clipboardCtrl + V
Select all textCtrl + A
Swap header / sourceF11
Comment highlighted codeCtrl + Shift + C
Uncomment highlighted codeCtrl + Shift + X
Duplicate line caret is onCtrl + D
Auto-complete / AbbreviationsCtrl + Space / Ctrl + J
Show call tipCtrl + Shift + Space
Swap line caret is on with line above itCtrl + T
Toggle bookmarkCtrl + B
Goto previous bookmarkAlt + PgUp
Goto next bookmarkAlt + PgDown
Toggle current block foldingF12
Toggle all foldsShift + F12

This is a list of shortcuts provided by the Code:: Blocks’ editor component. These shortcuts cannot be rebound.

FunctionShortcut Key
Magnify text size.Ctrl + Keypad “+”
Reduce text size.Ctrl + Keypad “-“
Restore text size to normal.Ctrl + Keypad “/”
Cycle through recent files.Ctrl + Tab
Indent block.Tab
Dedent block.Shift + Tab
Delete to start of word.Ctrl + BackSpace
Delete to end of word.Ctrl + Delete
Delete to start of line.Ctrl + Shift + BackSpace
Delete to end of line.Ctrl + Shift + Delete
Go to start of document.Ctrl + Home
Extend selection to start of document.Ctrl + Shift + Home
Go to start of display line.Alt + Home
Extend selection to start of display line.Alt + Shift + Home
Go to end of document.Ctrl + End
Extend selection to end of document.Ctrl + Shift + End
Go to end of display line.Alt + End
Extend selection to end of display line.Alt + Shift + End
Expand or contract a fold point.Ctrl + Keypad “*”
Create or delete a bookmark.Ctrl + F2
Go to next bookmark.F2
Select to next bookmark.Alt + F2
Find selection.Ctrl + F3
Find selection backwards.Ctrl + Shift + F3
Scroll up.Ctrl + Up
Scroll down.Ctrl + Down
Line cut.Ctrl + L
Line copy.Ctrl + Shift + T
Line delete.Ctrl + Shift + L
Line transpose with previous.Ctrl + T
Line duplicate.Ctrl + D
Find matching preprocessor conditional, skipping nested ones.Ctrl + K
Select to matching preprocessor conditional.Ctrl + Shift + K
Find matching preprocessor conditional backwards, skipping nested ones.Ctrl + J
Select to matching preprocessor conditional backwards.Ctrl + Shift + J
Previous paragraph. Shift extends selection.Ctrl + [
Next paragraph. Shift extends selection.Ctrl + ]
Previous word. Shift extends selection.Ctrl + Left
Next word. Shift extends selection.Ctrl + Right
Previous word part. Shift extends selection.Ctrl + /
Next word part. Shift extends selection.Ctrl + \


FunctionShortcut Key
New file or projectCtrl + N
Open existing file or projectCtrl + O
Save current fileCtrl + S
Save all filesCtrl + Shift + S
Close current fileCtrl + F4 / Ctrl + W
Close all filesCtrl + Shift + F4 / Ctrl + Shift + W

This is a list of shortcuts provided by the Code::Blocks’ tab component. These shortcuts cannot be rebound.

FunctionShortcut Key
Activate next open fileCtrl + Tab
Activate previous open fileCtrl + Shift + Tab


FunctionShortcut Key
Show / hide Messages paneF2
Show / hide Management paneShift + F2
Move project up (in Project tree)Ctrl + Shift + Up
Move project down (in Project tree)Ctrl + Shift + Down
Activate prior (in Project tree)Alt + F5
Activate next (in Project tree)Alt + F6
Zoom in / outCtrl + Roll Mouse Wheel
Focus editorCTRL + Alt + E


FunctionShortcut Key
FindCtrl + F
Find nextF3
Find previousShift + F3
Find in filesCrtl + Shift + F
ReplaceCtrl + R
Replace in filesCtrl + Shift + R
Goto lineCtrl + G
Goto next changed lineCtrl + F3
Goto previous changed lineCtrl + Shift + F3
Goto fileAlt + G
Goto functionCtrl + Alt + G
Goto previous functionCtrl + PgUp
Goto next functionCtrl + PgDn
Goto declarationCtrl + Shift + .
Goto implementationCtrl + .
Open include fileCtrl + Alt + .


FunctionShortcut Key
BuildCtrl + F9
Compile current fileCtrl + Shift + F9
RunCtrl + F10
Build and RunF9
RebuildCtrl + F11


FunctionShortcut Key
Continue debuggingCtrl + F7
Step over a code blockF7
Step into a code blockShift + F7
Step out of a code blockCtrl + Shift + F7
Toggle breakpointF5
Run to cursorF4
Previous errorAlt + F1
Next errorAlt + F2

to download CodeBlocks click here

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