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Qualcomm Telematics SDK

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Qualcomm Telematics SDK

The connected car may be a broad frontier of wireless possibilities, and therefore the Qualcomm® Telematics SDK is your path for developing telematics applications.

Connected-car developers can use the Telematics SDK for rapid development and deployment of applications that run on telematics control units (TCU). The SDK abstracts the modem and hardware within the modem and includes full documentation, sample applications, header files and stub code.
What are you able to Build into Your Applications with the Telematics SDK?

With the Telematics SDK you’ll build out features for a good range of connected-car scenarios including identity management, ridesharing, operator flexibility, fleet management, data analytics and firmware-over-the-air (FOTA) updates.

The SDK provides a group of backward-compatible APIs to access low-level modem services and functionality. The APIs cover basic and advanced telematics, including:

Telephony services — Dialing out, answering calls, conferences, call management and standing
SMS services — Sending and receive SMS messages, including multi-part messages
SIM card services — Enumerating applications, reading EFs from card and sending messages to SIM card
eCall support — Initiating eCalls
Connection management — mentioning and razing cellular backhaul
Location services — Supporting location fixes

Why Develop on the Telematics SDK?

The SDK offers you a competitive advantage in developing applications built on Qualcomm automotive telematics platforms. rather than porting code between platforms, you’ll start using its programmer-friendly APIs and build environment to write down road-ready applications.

Sample apps within the SDK provide ample code and starting points. Hooks provided within the SDK assist you build out your test suite. Documentation includes a full API reference and call flows, and therefore the user manual show you ways to use the Telematics SDK during a full build environment and with related SDKs.

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