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Top 9 Solar API

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Best Solar API

The Sun, that great ball of gas at the guts of our system, keeps us warm and provides us light, plus it provides photosynthesis to form plants grow, and gravity to stay us in orbit around it. most significantly, it provides the energy that we will convert to power. solar power is a clean, usable energy generated from the sun.

Developers eager to create solar associated applications need the proper Application Programming Interfaces, or APIs, to try to do the work.

What is a Solar API?

A Solar API is an interface to programmatically interact with solar technologies, like solar energy operations. the simplest place to seek out information about these APIs is within the Solar category on ProgrammableWeb.

In this article, we detail the nine hottest APIs for Solar.

1. Fronius Solar API

Add solar inverter automation to home automation applications with this API

Fronius provides welding, solar energy, and battery charging solutions. The Fronius Solar APITrack this API in JSON protocol enables developers to integrate Fronius inverters into third-party systems. The API is predicated on Ethernet. Fronius solar inverters convert the variable DC output of a photovoltaic (PV) solar array into a utility frequency AC to feed to an area or commercial electric grid. A photovoltaic (PV) system generates power from the sun via solar panels, an inverter, and other hardware.

Add solar inverter automation to home automation applications with this API
Add solar inverter automation to home automation applications with this API. Screenshot: Fronius

2. Solcast API

solcast api

Solcast provides solar power forecasts. The Solcast REST APITrack this API delivers forecast, solar energy estimates, radiation, and cloud information data. Developers can obtain photovoltaic (PV) power output forecast, access radiation estimates, access real-time data in Australia, and apply analytics for individualized forecasts with this API.

3. Clean Power Research Solar Simulations API

Clean Power Research builds services for energy calculation, simulation, and automation. The Clean Power Research Solar Simulations API provides access to irradiance and weather data. All Solar Simulation API methods support XML. The API can simulate PV output to receive AC energy production, Plane Of Array Irradiance (POAI), solid and liquid precipitation, and more.


NASA POWER APITrack this API allows external applications to attach and interact with POWER Data, which is solar and meteorological data from satellite observations. Data includes long-term climatologically averaged estimates of meteorological quantities and surface solar power fluxes. Developers also can get time-series of daily meteorological and solar data with this API. the facility Project is supported by NASA Earth Science’s Applied Sciences Program and provides data sets to support renewable energy, energy efficiency, and agriculture.

5. PVOutput Service API

PVOutput may be a free service for sharing, evaluating, and comparing photovoltaic solar array output data. The PVOutput Service API provides a developer interface for sending and receiving photovoltaic output data.

6. Elia Solar Forecasting API

Elia is Belgium’s high-voltage transmission operator and a key player within the energy market and interconnected electricity system in Europe. the corporate aims to rework the energy market by developing diversified, sustainable, and reliable electricity systems. Elia offers a REST APITrack this API for programmatic access to its Solar Forecasting page. The page displays solar-PV generation forecasts, real-time estimations of actual solar-PV generation, and historical solar-PV power data. API methods include GetRegions, GetChartDataForZone and GetCapacities. The API is liberal to use and there are not any signup requirements.

7. EnergyPeriscope API

EnergyPeriscope from provides energy project evaluation & sales management services for solar and wind energy providers. The EnergyPeriscope APITrack this API enables developers to programmatically access the software to make applications for solar, wind, and energy professionals. API methods are available to manage jobs, leads, and widgets.

8. NREL Solar API

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) is the workplace of the U.S. Department of Energy that’s focused on sustainable energy. The agency offers an APITrack this API to access solar resource data and NREL models. The toolset includes a mapping tool and photovoltaic performance data collected by NREL. API methods support the calculation of an estimate for solar electricity generation for geolocation and other information.

9. SolarGIS

SolarGIS may be a geographic data system that integrates solar resource information and meteorological data with tools for planning and monitoring the performance of solar power systems. SolarGIS Data Delivery API retrieves the foremost recent data from the SolarGIS database and calculates the electrical output of a PV (photovoltaic) system. SolarGIS PV Planner Calculate APITrack this APITrack this API may be a simulation tool for the design and optimization of PV systems.

Head on over to the Solar category for more APIs, SDKs, ASCII text file Samples and other resources.

Source: programmableweb

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