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Twitter stories Feature like Instagram Stories

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twitter stories

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What you would like to understand

  • Twitter stories feature – Fleets are now available to users in India.
  • The feature allows users to post ephemeral tweets during a separate timeline that disappear after 24 hours.
  • It began testing fleets in March this year.

New Features of Twitter

Earlier this year, Twitter began testing a Snapchat-inspired stories feature called Fleets in Brazil. Last month, the feature was made available to users in Italy also. Now, the corporate has begun testing its own version of stories in India (via TechCrunch). India is among the foremost important markets for Twitter, because the country has around 55 monthly active users.



Manish Maheshwari, director at Twitter India, said during a statement:

India is vital for Twitter since it’s one of our largest and fastest-growing audience markets globally. We are excited to bring the Fleets experiment to India and make it one of the primary three countries within the world to experience this new product. From the test in India, we’ll find out how adding a replacement mode of conversation changes the way Indians engage on Twitter. It’ll even be interesting to ascertain if it further amplifies the range of usage by allowing people to share what they’re thinking during a way that’s light-touch and light-hearted.


Fleets are ephemeral tweets that show up above the most timeline and disappear after 24 hours. Unlike regular tweets, fleets can’t be retweeted or embedded on any third-party website. Fleets can’t be liked either, although it’s possible to react to them with an emoji and send replies via direct messages.

Twitter says the twitter stories feature is being unrolled in phases and is predicted to become available for all users in India on Twitter for iOS and Android within the coming days.

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