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U.S. Ransomware Attacks

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Ransomware Attacks

Today lets talk about Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware attacks on us have diminished significantly and are “now at A level not seen in several years,” consistent with cybersecurity company Emsisoft.

In new research published today, Emsisoft found a marked drop by ransomware attacks on US entities coinciding with the onset of the COVID-19 health crisis.

In 2019, ransomware impacted 966 government agencies, educational establishments, and healthcare providers within the US. Emsisoft experts who anticipated a good higher number of attacks in 2020 are pleasantly surprised.

“While the first indicators were that the 2020 numbers would be almost like 2019’s or maybe even worse, that has proved to not be the case,” wrote Emsisoft researchers.

“A total of 89 organizations were impacted by ransomware in Q1. However, because the COVID-19 crisis worsened, the number of successful attacks reduced considerably and is now at A level not seen in several years.”

Data gathered shows the downward trend is constant in the second quarter of the year with only 7 successful ransomware attacks reported between April 1 and 20.

Threat analyst Brett Callow said: “Despite COVID-19 and WFH (working from home), or, more accurately, due to them, the amount of successful ransomware attacks on the US public sector, including healthcare, has declined significantly.”

While the reduction spells excellent news for the general public sector, cyber-criminals haven’t lull on the private sector, where the speed of ransomware attacks has remained steady.

“It’s a mixture of excellent and not-so-good news,” said Callow. “On one scrupulously-washed hand, attacks on the general public sector are way down and therefore the criminals are making less money. On the opposite scrupulously-washed hand, the private sector is being looted at an equivalent rate as ever.”

With many companies battling for survival within the wake of the lockdown measures imposed to slow the spread of the coronavirus, a ransomware attack now could spell economic disaster.

“Companies are hurting financially and lots of are reliant on government support programs for his or her survival. I fully expect that a number of the businesses hit by ransomware within the coming weeks will fail; attacks are going to be the straw that broke the camel’s back,” said Fabian Wosar, Emsisoft CTO.

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