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visual studio shortcuts

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visual studio shortcuts

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visual studio is a cross-platform for the developers and it comes with good features like live server, workspace, it can be used for different programming languages. let’s see some shortcuts of the visual studio so that working can be made easier.

Keyboard ShortcutAction
Alt + Clickadd additional cursor
Alt + F12peek definition
Alt + F4close window
Alt + Leftnavigate between files
Alt + Rightnavigate between files
Ctrl + /split active editor
Ctrl + `cycle open editors
Ctrl + =zoom in
Ctrl + –zoom out
Ctrl + 1focus left editor
Ctrl + 2focus right editor
Ctrl + Alt + ]jump to matching bracket
Ctrl + Alt + clickopen definition to side
Ctrl + Alt + Downadd cursor below
Ctrl + Alt + Upadd cursor up
Ctrl + Btoggle sidebar
Ctrl + Clickopen file to side
Ctrl + Clickgo to definition
Ctrl + Ego to file
Ctrl + Enteropen file to side
Ctrl + F12go to definition
Ctrl + F2add cursor to each occurrence of current word
Ctrl + Ggo to line
Ctrl + Shift + Ddebug
Ctrl + Shift + Eexplore
Ctrl + Shift + Fsearch all files
Ctrl + Shift + Ishows windows
Ctrl + Shift + Jadvanced search all files
Ctrl + Shift + Ladd cursor to each occurrence of current selected text
Ctrl + Shift + Mlist all current errors
Ctrl + shift + Onavigate to symbol
Ctrl + Shift + Popen control pallet
Ctrl + Shift + Uoutput
Ctrl + Shift + Wclose window
Ctrl + Spacetrigger IntelliSense
Ctrl + Tjump to symbol across files
Ctrl + Tabcycle files
Ctrl + Wclose editor
F2rename symbol
F11full screen
Shift + F12reference search

to download visual studio click here

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