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What are Android SDK Tools and how to use it

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android sdk development tool

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What are Android SDK tools?

These are the tools that are included alongside another component within the Android Software Development Kit. They basically include the android Emulator, the hierarchy viewer, SDK Manager, and ProGuard. SDK Tools are the downloadable component for the Android SDK. they need an entire set of development and debugging tools. they need the tools that help interact with the Android Platform like ADB, fastboot, and systrace. These all are required for android app development and also to unlock the device bootloader. Before stepping into SDK Tools, allow us to revise the Android SDK Manager concept.

How to integrate SDK to Applications?

Let us see within the following steps for a way you’ll integrate SDK tools:

android studio
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1. initiative would be to open the Android Studio
2. then, open the SDK manager using the following:

a. Upon loading the Android Studio, click on Configure > SDK Manager.
Android Studio. Or from Application, click on tools>Android> SDK Manager.

  • Click on Tools
Android Studio
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Android Studio Tools

  • Click on SDK Manager as follows:
android studio tool
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  • Android SDK manager
android studio tool
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c. you’ll also directly open it from the appliance toolbar.

Android application toolbar
3. Next, from the manager,click on the SDK Tools. You’ll find the following-
a. Android SDK Build-Tools
b. NDK
c. Android SDK platform-Tools
d. Android SDK Tools

Here you’ll see this stuff within the following image:

android studio tool kit
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Android SDK Tools
4. After you decide on the tools, Click on Apply.
5. Finally, Click OK.

Features of Android SDK tools

Android SDK tool may be a vital component of the Android SDK. This component of the SDK has various development and debugging tools. There are a couple of important things about it. allow us to see these features within the following:

  • Android comes with its updated SDK version in intervals.
  • With each new release Android makes, it improves Android SDK with none fail.
  • In recent updates, the changes were made in ProGuard.
  • Also, an instruction version of the APK Analyzer was added.

What are the set of tools in Android SDK Tools?

Generally, Android tools aren’t platform-dependent and are required on every Android Platform, regardless of which you employ. While we install AndroidStudio, there are some sets of tools that automatically get installed. Those set of tools are explained below for you-

1. Android Tool: This tool helps in managing the Android Virtual Device projects also because of the installed components of the software development kit.

2. Emulator Tool: It helps us in testing the appliance s without the necessity of using the application on an actual device.

3. DDMS: DDMS is extremely useful for debugging the Android Application.

4. Android Debug Bridge(adb): it’s a really versatile command-line tool and is useful for the communication between the developer and therefore the Emulator or the Android device that’s connected.

5. Proguard: Proguard is that the tool is liable for shrinking, and optimizing our code. It does this, by removing the unused code or the codes that are unreachable.

To conclude, during this tutorial, you’ve got learned about SDK tools. We saw what SDK tools are, and what are their components. Later we examine the tools that are found within the SDK Tools. We also read the steps for a way we will install SDK tools in our Application. I hope that now you’ve got a transparent idea about what SDK tools and their components are.

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