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What are top 10 AI Failures

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ai failure

use case of AI and Ml



What area unit the rising dangers and risks associated with computing (AI) and its usage by your leader or family? Let’s review prime ten AI failures to higher perceive the matter.


“The development of full computing may spell the tip of the human race….It would embark on its own, associate degreed re-design itself at an ever-increasing rate. Humans, WHO area unit restricted by slow biological evolution, could not vie, and would be outdated.”— Stephen Hawking told the BBC


It sounds a small amount alarming. however don’t be afraid, the event of “full artificial intelligence” is deferred for a few centuries and existing AI technology manner|is much} from the power to re-design itself in any purposeful way.


However, things still could fail with AI even currently. Harward Business Review recommends having associate degree insurance that may cowl AI-related risks and Gartner advises anticipating knowledge manipulation security risks to AI pipelines.


Of course, loads of things will fail with any system, particularly if villains would wish to form hurt to your AI system. But, sadly, AI systems will go amok on their own, with none external interference.


AI fails to try to image recognition

Deep learning, the set of algorithms that are usually accustomed to implement AI, started its triumphal procession with the breakthrough in image recognition, additionally referred to as pc Vision concerning twenty years agone. It resolved earlier insoluble task of identifying cats from dogs and vice-versa and went on with a lot of advanced and hard to please tasks. currently, it’s a standard possession to believe that the pc vision could be a strong and reliable technology that will hardly fail.

However, a year ago, researchers from Berkeley, University of Chicago, and the University of Washington collected seven,500 unaltered nature photos that confuse the foremost advanced pc vision algorithms.

Even established algorithmic rule will fail now and then.

AI that despised humans

“Hitler was right to hate the jews” – aforesaid Tay, a Microsoft most advanced chatbot when twenty-four hours of ‘learning’ from interactions with humans. the thought was to make a slang-laden chatbot, that may bring a replacement level of machine-human spoken communication quality. however, it clothed to be “an automaton parrot with an online connection” because it was delineated within the Verge

ai failure chatbot
image credit immuniweb

The chatbot was designed on prime of AI technology stack developed within the company, however harsh reality appears to own spoiled the innocent AI worldview: an honest example of however knowledge will destroy associate degree AI-model inbuilt a ‘clean’ laboratory condition while not immunity to harmful influence from the surface.

AI to fight cancer may kill patients

Another failure value sixty-two million greenbacks, that were spent by IBM to create an associate degree AI system that may facilitate fight cancer. But again, the result was rather disappointing:

“This product could be a piece of s—,” one doctor at Jupiter Hospital in Sunshine State told IBM executives, per the documents. “We bought it for promoting and with hopes that you just would come through the vision. we tend to can’t use it for many cases.”

Medical specialists and customers knew “multiple samples of unsafe and incorrect treatment recommendations,” together with one case wherever Watson recommended that doctors provide a cancer patient with severe harm a drug that would worsen the harm.

Apparently, such a sensitive and complicated domain as treating serious conditions could be a bit too risky to completely trust it to AI.


AI for achievement despised girls

Amazon wished to modify their achievement to hurry up the candidate choice method for thousands of vacancies Amazon has:

“They virtually wished it to be associate degree engine wherever I’m attending to offer you one hundred résumés, it’ll spit out the highest 5, and we’ll rent those.” – aforesaid one in every of Amazon engineers concerning the arrangement.

Everything finished up during a PR collapse, as a result of the system clothed to be misogynistic, giving preference to white males. most likely, the coaching knowledge, that was accustomed to build the model, was unbalanced that resulted in candidate choice bias.


AI for secure system access my face may be fooled with a mask

If you have got associate degree iPhone X with Face ID, certify nobody encompasses a mask together with your face. Apple aforesaid that Face ID used the iPhone X’s advanced front-facing camera and machine learning to make a third-dimensional map of your face. The machine learning/AI element helped the system adapt to cosmetic changes (such as swing on make-up, donning a combination of glasses, or wrapping a shawl around your neck), while not compromising on security.

Vietnam-based security firm Bkav found that they might with success unlock a Face ID-equipped iPhone by gluing 2nd “eyes” to a 3D mask. The mask, fabricated from stone powder, value around $200. The eyes were straightforward, written infrared pictures.

However, Wired tried to beat Face ID victimization masks, however, it did not reproduce the result, thus your device can be still safe. Or not.


AI thinks that Congresspeople seem like Criminals

Another automatic face recognition failure belongs to Amazon.

Its AI system was alleged to notice criminals by their face image, however, once it had been tested with a group of images of Congresspeople it clothed not solely inaccurate additionally quite racially biased.

According to the ACLU (the yank Civil Liberties Union), “Nearly forty p.c of Rekognition’s (the system’s name) false matches in our take a look at were of individuals of color, although they create up solely twenty p.c of Congress.”

It is not clear whether or not it had been a drag of face recognition of non-white individuals, or the coaching knowledge was biased. Probably, both. However, counting on AI alone to determine if someone could be a criminal would be insane.


amazon face recogination
image credit immuniweb


A win for AI that resulted during a loss

This one is sort of different: here the AI clothed to achieve success however on the incorrect facet of the law.

The chief operating officer of a UK-based energy firm received a decision from his German boss instructing him to transfer €220,000 ($243,000) to a Hungarian provider. The ‘boss’ aforesaid the request was pressing and directed the united kingdom chief operating officer to transfer the money promptly.

Unfortunately, the boss was a ‘deep fake’ voice generation computer code that accurately imitated the voice of the $64000 human. It used machine learning to become indistinguishable from the first, together with the “slight German accent and also the melody of his voice,” according to the Wall Street Journal.

Is it a win or failure of AI? It’s up to you to determine.


An AI-inflected loss that resulted during a proceedings

A real estate baron from Hongkong bought associate degree AI system to manage a part of his fortune the goal was to spice up funds. In fact, the automaton unbroken loosing up to US$20 million daily.

To get back a district of his cash, the baron filed a $23 million proceedings against the corporate, that sold the fintech service. The suit alleges that the corporate exaggerated K1’s talents and is that the initial legendary case of a court action filed over automatic investment losses.


AI that lost its job to humans

In 2015, in Japan, the primary innovative Henn-na edifice opened its doors to guests. All its staff: the front-desk, cleaners, porters and in-room assistants were robots.

But the bots started accumulating client complaints a lot of quicker than expected: the bots oftentimes skint down, couldn’t give satisfactory answers to guest queries, and in-room assistants surprised guests in the dark by deciphering snoring as a wake command.

After many years of struggle, the edifice chain that in hand the edifice unemployed the last of their “unreliable, overpriced and annoying” bots, substitution them with human staff.

It will head back to the laboratory to visualize if it will develop a replacement generation of a lot of capable cordial reception bots, proclaimed the management.

The Terminator-like future is already here: a personality’s defeated the machine. Physically.
“An AI-driven occupation cart suddenly skint unhealthy on the tarmac, circling out of management and ever-closer to a vulnerable jet place at a gate. Finally, a yellow-vested employee managed to prevent the cart — by ramming and sound it down with another vehicle.”

The crazy event at ORD. Heads up safety move by a ramp worker!

Well, this case could be a bit off-track. The cart wasn’t controlled by AI or automatic in any approach. however, this video is also simply a pleasant image of what will a faulty technology do to your business.


Why AI fails?

There may well be totally different reasons for this, however, most of them may well be classified as follows:


Bad or light knowledge

The data is the most vital element of AI currently. coaching knowledge is employed to coach applied math models by suggests that of machine learning (deep learning) algorithms. Typically, a deep learning task would need several knowledge things to create an associate degree, an adequate model. the info should be an honest reflection of the $64000 world scenario, with none bias that will result in things once one category is most well-liked to a different while not a lot of reason, simply because the info had a lot of samples of 1 category. this might be the case with the Amazon achievement AI failure.


Bad engineering

It’s continuously troublesome to identify, if a selected failure is thanks to unhealthy engineering, as a result of it’s sometimes not possible to travel through the code and acquire all the neural network settings to make sure that the matter is there (e.g. however not within the data). Of course, within the examples delineate here we can safely assume that engineering was smart, as a result of the businesses mentioned here will afford the most effective of the most effective engineers.


Wrong space of the application

The info used for a few tasks may be simply too advanced, troublesome to get, or that the result has to be way more correct than any algorithmic rule can do. for instance, the application of AI techniques to health care, enforcement, and alternative industries is also too risky. Even in cordial reception trade robots could become a drag instead of an answer, as a result of individuals want over simply to be served.


How to avoid such fails?

Never overestimate the capabilities of AI. It doesn’t create miracles and it’s obscurity on the brink of those “strong AI” smarties from Hollywood blockbusters.

You need loads of relevant, clean associate degreed verified knowledge to coach an adequate model. the info is crucial for machine learning, however, it’s not all you would like. selecting an accurate algorithmic rule and calibration its parameters want loads of tests and trials by a team of extremely qualified specialists.

Most significantly, the associate degree AI system encompasses a terribly restricted capability of substitution humans. It will replace humans in straightforward, however tedious tasks, that include loads of continuance routines. Any advanced task that needs a non-trivial approach to answer could result in a high level of errors by AI. the most effective role, associate degree AI will play now could be associate degree assistant to humans WHO use AI as a tool to try to loads of routines and continuance operations.


How we tend to Eliminate AI Risks at ImmuniWeb

In 2018, ImmuniWeb was recognized because the winner of prestigious SC Awards Europe within the “Best Usage of Machine Learning and AI” class, outperforming IBM Watson and 5 alternative robust finalists. Earlier this year, MarketsandMarkets named ImmuniWeb a Key Player on the Cybersecurity AI international market, among such corporations as IBM, FireEye and Darktrace.

We don’t believe in robust AI capable to completely replace human power and ingenuity. we tend to rather use Deep Learning AI to reinforce human intelligence, create it quicker, a lot of scalable, and cost-effective. Analysts from Gartner and IDC mentioned this hybrid approach in their researches as extremely innovative and helpful for our customers.

At ImmuniWeb, we tend to leverage AI and Machine Learning to accelerate and augment human intelligence. Intelligent automation of punishing tasks associate with degreed processes provides our patronage with an unbeatable worth for cash.

Multilevel knowledge filtering and controls change America to deliver the foremost correct and reliable knowledge to our shoppers and partners during the shortest doable timeframe. we tend to unrelentingly keep testing and change our AI models to make sure knowledge integrity and AI models’ stability over time.

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