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What is future of Android Developers

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scope of android development

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This would be a really genuine question that nearly everyone will get before beginning to learn Android is the scope of android developer. Anyone can have this very question that “What is that the future for Android developers? Will there be any scope for Android Developers within the time to come? Is Android developer an honest career option?” So, allow us to first see it through the facts, then reach to the conclusion.

Future for android developers

So, the very fact that we all know is Android Shares quite 80% of the world’s mobile market share. Also, you ought to know that there are quite 3.5 billion users of Android, plus quite 3 million apps are available alone on the Google Play Store. Isn’t that too big of a deal?

Android is dominating all other mobile operating systems within the market globally. There’s little question that Android applications will always be in demand. Companies like, Flipkart, Amazon, PayTM, Airtel, and lots of more are investing highly into third-party apps. These all apps be it native or third-party are powered by Android. Also, there’s a growth within the prevalence and quality of Android Certification lately.

Android developers are undoubtedly getting to have a whip hand and a bright future, don’t you think me even now? Okay, come let’s see how Android is increasingly becoming established by each passing days:

1. There’s a drastic rise within the number of Android Applications today. In fact, real-time applications are more in a trend that helps in making payments or shopping online.
2. Google itself is that specialize in smarter and smarter phones and automatic things using AI.
3. In fact, the Android Architecture by Google may be a lot helpful in defining the simplest practices. It makes Android App development much easier and understandable to handle.
4. There’re many new things to return that are supported by Android itself, such as-

  • Android for automated cars
  • Android Biometrix prompt
  • Improved security through Android
  • Android cameras

5. Highly enhanced Security for Android applications

And there are more things that are eye-catching and getting to change our lifestyles so much!.Ok, consider the subsequent graph to ascertain the rise in Android users and users of the other OS.

So, now it’s clear that Android goes to possess tons of business within the years to return. From the given graph, you’ll see the drastic changes within the market share of Android within the world. Well, this also makes another thing pretty clear. within the coming time, there’s getting to be no loss but only lots and much of opportunities for the Android Developers. So I hope my point is obvious here, that there’s no way that the scope for Android Developers will go down.

Why does Android have tons of opportunities?

Growth of Android development
image credit data-flair

Here’s why Android may be a great and blooming opportunity for all the Android developers throughout the world:

1. Firstly, Android applications are always in demand as most of the users of Smartphones use Android.
2. As there’s a requirement for more and more applications, there’s a requirement of more and more Android developers.
3. Android is Open Source and really easy to adapt.
4. In Android development, there’s the little cost of investment with a high return on investment.
5. Android indeed features a great development framework.
6. It helps us create very interesting and new projects supporting the services that are already available on android devices.
Industries that bring Opportunities for Android Developers

So that you’ll have a transparent idea, I’m listing the industries where Android is in demand:

  • Business Industries
  • Finance Industries
  • Medical Industries
  • E-Commerce Industries
  • Gaming Industries
  • Travel and Maps
  • Security Industries

Well, this is often not the limit as almost every industry needs Android and Android Developers. Also, there are various organizations that employ on Android day and night. Few examples are- Google, YouTube, Hike, Deloitte, Yahoo, Intel, American Express, Uber, VMware, and so on.


So, yes we will conclude on a really agreeable note that the future for Android Developers is extremely bright needless to say. Given during this article are the graphical proofs for an equivalent. Also, the statistics made it very clear that Android is certainly on the increase. Finally, we also saw various industries and organizations that employment on Android.

I hope you found it useful, Thank You!

Source: data-flair

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