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Windows 10 Tips and Tricks

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Windows 10 tips and tricks

Applies to: Windows 10

Regardless of whether it’s being gainful, keeping in contact, or outright having a ton of fun, Windows 10 has loads of little tricks and alternate ways that can assist you with accomplishing more. Here are an only a couple of them:

Grin and the world grins with you

Emoticons aren’t only for your telephone any longer! The new emoticon console in Windows 10 lets you communicate more than ever. To utilize it:

  • During content passage, type Windows logo key + . (enough said). The emoticon console will show up.
  • Select an emoticon with the mouse, or continue composing to look through the accessible emoticons for one you like.
here is the image of how to print in windows 10 tips and tricks image by microsoft

The emoticon console in Windows 10.

Type all the images like an expert

At times you have to type a character that isn’t on your console, similar to an em-run (— ) or the copyright image (©). In the event that you have a numeric keypad on your console, you don’t need to discover one and reorder, you can take care of business! Here’s the ticket:

  • Hold down the Alt key on your console.
  • With the Alt key held down, type the four-digit code on the numeric keypad for the character you need. (Incorporate the main 0 if that is required.)

Note: This solitary chips away at the numeric keypad. This won’t deal with the column of numbers at the highest point of the console.

  • Discharge the Alt key.

Here’s only a couple of the characters you can type with the Alt key:

©Copyright symbolAlt+0169
®Registered symbolAlt+0174
List DotAlt+0149
§Section symbolAlt+0167
Double daggerAlt+0135
Paragraph symbol (Pilcrow)Alt+0182
¡Upside-down exclamation markAlt+0161
¿Upside-down question markAlt+0191
¢Cent signAlt+0162
£British PoundAlt+0163
ЄEuro currencyAlt+0128
¥Japanese YenAlt+0165


Travel the world, one key at a time

If you find yourself typing characters used more frequently in other languages, you can always install keyboards for other languages and switch among them easily. For more details about this, see Manage the input and display language settings in Windows 10.

Windows screen shot
windows 10 tips and tricks image by microsoft

Let your fingers do the duplicating

There are some extraordinary console tricks to use to explore Windows 10 tips and tricks, and some other normal ones that work with a considerable lot of your most loved applications. The mouse is incredible and all, yet here and there these are quicker. Check out them!

Common Windows keyboard shortcuts

KeystrokeWhat it does
Windows logo key  + ROpens the Run command
Windows logo key  + SOpens Search
Windows logo key  + EOpens File Explorer
Alt TabOpens Task Switcher, moving forward with each press of Tab, switching to that window on release
Shift Alt TabOpens Task Switcher, moving backward with each press of Tab, switching to that window on release
Windows logo key  + TabSwitches to Task View, selected window will return with focus
Windows logo key  + Up arrowMoves up through the sequence of Minimized Windowed > Maximized for the focused window
Windows logo key  + Down arrowMoves down through the sequence of Maximized Windowed Minimized for the focused window
Windows logo key  + MMinimizes all windows
Windows logo key  + DHides or unhide the desktop
Windows logo key  + IOpens Settings

Common app shortcuts

KeystrokeWhat it does
Ctrl XCut
Ctrl CCopy
Ctrl VPaste
Ctrl ASelect all
Ctrl NNew document
Ctrl PPrint
Ctrl ZUndo
Alt F4Close program


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Source: Microsoft

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