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Zoom is going to use Oracle Cloud Services

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This week, Oracle announced that Zoom is now using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) to support its core video conferencing service. because the world is adapting to forced remote work culture thanks to a pandemic, Zoom has registered unprecedented growth. Well, the rationale for this huge growth is it’s used for a spread of use cases, including virtual parties, online classes, corporate meetings, and surprisingly even for the recent NFL draft. With increasing demand, it’s no surprise that Zoom needed to manage its cloud capabilities and therefore the company is depending on Oracle Cloud for that.

Oracle won’t be the sole cloud provider

To clear all the confusion, Zoom isn’t running all of its video conferences within the Oracle Cloud. Well, AWS is and can still be its primary cloud provider, and therefore the majority of Zoom’s processing requirements are going to be taken care of by AWS. Zoom leadership should be appreciated for the choice as they certainly needed a second cloud provider.

Wait, but Zoom was already running a little portion of its workload on Microsoft Azure. What Zoom did is rather than using Azure for scaling requirements, it bets on Oracle. On the opposite hand, Zoom could have used Google Cloud Platform (GCP) rather than Oracle but the corporate overlooked subsequent two cloud leaders after AWS. Well, we never know the rationale and clearly, Zoom won’t have an interest in sharing that.

Strain on Azure and GCP’s infrastructure

Azure and GCP have managed to retain the second and third positions in cloud providers market.

One reason which may have pushed Zoom towards Oracle is that the cloud capabilities strain showed by both Azure and GCP’s infrastructure since the planet went quarantine and began remote work.

Is it thanks to the competition?

Another reason that steered Zoom faraway from Microsoft and Google is that both compete with Zoom. For the facts, Google has Hangouts and Microsoft has Teamed. Well, if you would possibly have used all three products then Teams is the biggest competitor for Zoom. Google has never managed to determine its Hangout app as attend product for online video conferencing even being unrolled before Teams. As a matter of fact, AWS has Chime (an online video conferencing service) which is best than Hangouts.

Oracle’s Performance and Support

The decision to use Oracle’s services isn’t a backstab on AWS. Zoom direly needed a second cloud provider as Reuters during a recent article mentioned that Zoom has 217,000 terabytes a month of traffic flowing through it. So, AWS will still be vital for Zoom’s cloud requirements but Oracle Cloud Infrastructure are going to be handling a number of the video meeting traffic.

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